To Whom Do We Actually Belong?

The question is - to whom does our body actually belong while alive? According to the Vedas, a living entity, the atman, takes shelter of the semen of the father and then gets injected into the womb of the mother where this atman........

Hankering for Love or Lust?
Man or woman, everyone wants to love and be loved. This is the natural tendency for all human beings to get into a relationship that springs from our hankering for love. But do we really find that love? Or do we simply pursue lust? What is Love?..
Fighting Against Invincible Odds

Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, ugly or beautiful, everyone is fighting to survive in this world. Mighty emperors, great scholarsand wealthy men have all been defeated in their fight. Shrila B S Tirtha Maharaj identifies this invincible enemy.

Mind: The Deadliest Terrorist

The mind is always unsteady or of flickering nature and is at times very turbulent. It can act both as an enemy and a friend. When the mind is misled by the illusory energy of the Lord, it becomes entangled in the network of material activities and.

The Key to World Peace

Identifying with a family, community, race, nation or religion is the breeding ground for all hatred and violence. Recognising the oneness of the spirit souls dwelling inside all living beings is the key to world peace....

Before You Give Charity Be Careful
You feel pity, you feel guiltyand you feel generous when you give charity. But giving charity to undeserving persons does not solve anything. So who should be given charity? And what is the aim of giving charity? 
Your Plan or His Plan?
Everybody plans. But all plans always do not succeed; no matter how cleverly and calculatedlythey are devised, or how efficiently they are executed in personal or public life. One wonders why such cleverplans fail so miserably.
Evolving From The Physical To The Spiritual Stage
By realizing the shortcomings of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution,which is widely discounted by Western thinkers today and understanding the Vedic system of evolving from the material to the spiritual stage, we can discover.
Real Knowledge Missing From Modern Education

Today’s education basically involves acquiring vast information and borrowed knowledge to earn a decent living. Nothing more. It lacks the real knowledge of the self to realise our consciousness to evolve spiritually. 

Combating Global Corruption Epidemic
Corroding the moral fiber of people everywhere, corruption has become a worldwide menace. It encourages conspicuous consumption and the gap between the rich and the poor. Shrila B. S. Tirtha Maharaj suggests a viable solution to eliminate this....
Money CAN buy Happiness. Can it?
A news report made global headlines and spirited debate when it claimed that money can buy happiness. It revealed that happiness levels correlate with the amount of wealth a person accumulates. And, in contrast to popular belief, it does not....&l
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