Way Of Life
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
who is the unhappiest of all?"
The problem today is that nine out of ten times,
the mirror will point at you! Yes, you.
It could be that despite your best efforts you never get the results or the rewards you expect. Or, having made it to the top with all the comforts and luxuries, you are always worried, stressed and tense.
If you are struggling for the good life and not getting anywhere, you need a different frame of mind to survive. If you are 'a success' in terms of this world and are still unhappy, then you need to know that with every material gain that gives you happiness, also attached is unhappiness.
Despite these problems, you could make your life worth living by expressing your love and devotion to Sri Krishna by chanting His Holy Names and thus rising above the battle against worldly attractions or the mirage of Maya. This is done by taking part in 'Sankirtana' in the company of like-minded devotees of Lord Krishna.
The Gaur Govinda Trust provides a venue for all the people of the world to come together to offer their total devotion to Lord Krishna in 'Sankirtan'. Then you rise above or go beyond material duality of failure and success, happiness and unhappiness. And you need not ask the mirrorany questions!
To realise that ‘I am not the body but a pure spirit soul - part and parcel of the Supreme Spirit Soul, Sri Krishna’. This is achieved by chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra at every opportunity. Audibly chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra on beads (japa) for a specific number of rounds daily is a must because this transcendental vibration helps one control the mind, makes the environment auspicious and makes all the evils flee.
Vegetarian-but merely becoming vegetarian is not enough.The food should be procured by committing the least violence. According to the ‘Gita’, it should be ‘Sattvik’. The food must first be offered to Lord Krishna andRadha Rani and then be accepted as ‘Prasadam’ or blessed food.
Should not be merely for economic development and gain of power but more for evolving into a better human being with highly pure moral character, who observes and appreciates the Lord’s beauty and potency in everything that be, ever ready to serve Lord Krishna with everything he possesses.


  Working honestly and with optimum or ‘samyak’ effort without hankering for excessive rewards as given in the Gita. Avoiding interaction with gross materialists and atheists, even if they are close relatives, friends or colleagues as they hinderprogress in Krishna Consciousness.


  Being faithful and committed to married life as given in the holy scriptures.


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