The Vedic Knowledge received through an authoritative line of spiritual
teachers is the perfect transcendental knowledge.

The Supreme Lord Sri Hari is the Supreme Truth.

He possesses innumerable potencies.

He is the nectarine ocean of all rasas, the transcendental mellows.

Living entities, souls ( jivas) are His fragmental portions.

Certain entities are captivated by Maya, the illusory potency of Sri Hari and

Some of them eternally stay free from it.

All potencies, viz. Spiritual, Marginal and Material
are inconceivably simultaneously one with and different from Sri Hari.

Pure unalloyed devotional service is the only process.

Unalloyed spontaneous affection for Sri Hari is the ultimate
objective to be accomplished.

Krishna is the origin of all material and spiritual worlds. He is the source of all demigods including Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma as well as the sages. All living beings, both moving and non-moving, are part of Him. He is all-powerful. An inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference exists between Lord Krishna and all His energies. Pure loving devotional service is the only way to realize Him in His highest transcendental abode called 'Goloka Vrindavana'.
  - Srimad Bhagavata Maha Puranam 1-3-28
The scriptures reveal that the ultimate object of knowledge is Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The purpose of performing sacrifice is to please Him. Yoga enables one to realize Him. He only ultimately rewards all fruitive activities. He is supreme knowledge and all severe austerities are performed to know Him. Religion (dharma) means rendering loving service unto Him. He is the supreme goal of life.
  - Srimad Bhagavata Maha Puranam 1-2-28,29

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
who is the unhappiest of all?"
The problem today is that
nine out of ten times,
the mirror will point at you! Yes, you.
It could be that despite your best efforts
you never get the results or the rewards you expect.
Or, having made it to the top with all the comforts
and luxuries, you are always worried, stressed and tense.
If you are struggling for the good life and not getting anywhere,
you need a different frame of mind to survive.
If you are 'a success' in terms of this world and are still unhappy,
then you need to know that with every material gain that
gives you happiness, also attached is unhappiness.
Despite these problems, you could make your life worth living
by expressing your love and devotion to Lord Krishna by
chanting His Holy Names and thus rising above the battle
against worldly attractions or the mirage of Maya. This is
done by taking part in 'Sankirtana' in the company
of like-minded devotees of Lord Krishna.
The Gaur Govinda Trust provides
a venue for all the people of the world to
come together to offer their total devotion
to Lord Krishna in 'Sankirtan'. Then you rise above or go
beyond material duality of failure and success, happiness and
unhappiness. And you need not ask the mirror
any questions !


GAUDA is the sacred land in India between the Himalayan Mountains and the north of the Vindhya Hills. Called Gauda Desh or Gauda Country, it was also known as Aryavarta or the Land of the Aryas. It covers Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal . Later, Bengal became popular as Gauda Desh.
VAISHNAVA means 'Related to Vishnu' - the Supreme Lord. The original source of Lord Vishnu is Lord Krishna, Who says in the Bhagavad Gita that all living beings are part of Him. Hence everyone, as a soul, is basically a Vaishnava. The Vaishnavas accept that Lord Vishnu/Lord Krishna is the Supreme Person.
GAUDIYA VAISHNAVISM. The Gaudiya Vaishnavas believe that
one should love God and not fear Him. Since the lover and the beloved must possess a form to give and receive love, the Gaudiya Vaishnavas worship Lord Krishna Who has all transcendental attributes of Godhood. The Gaudiya Vaishnavas thus display the highest levels of this loving relationship. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, non-different from Krishna, is the supreme role model for all devotees, Who laid the foundation of Gaudiya Vaishnavism over five centuries ago in Bengal. Through the chanting of the Holy Names of Lord Krishna, He distributed transcendental love and unfolded the secret for entering into the highest eternal loving relationship with the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna.


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